BP Denies the CEO is Leaving

In current events on June 29, 2010 at 7:16 am

BP is officially denying that CEO Tony Hayward is going to resign, according to reports.  Add this to the lsit of things BP has also reportedly previously denied :

– The Holocaust (“holocaust, schmolocaust…”)

– The severity of the Oil Spill (“there’s plenty of ocean out there…”)

– Criminal Sexual abuse by priests(“they do say Love they neighbor…”)

– That the oil will destroy the ecosystem (“it’s like chocolate fish food, mate!”

– That “Posh Spice” is British for “skeleton woman”

Here’s to hoping that Tony Hayward’s airplane goes down in the Gulf of Mexico, where he is forced to swim thru the disaster he has created to get back to back to shore.  Upon reaching the shore, may he then be treated to a round by these guys

We'll show you a natural disaster, Tony


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