Avatar: Last AirBender Blows?

In pop culture on July 2, 2010 at 6:48 am

Seriously, M. Night Shamalamadingdong, how the f@#% do you manage to mess up a tailor-made blockbuster like the Avatar: The Last Airbender???  Granted, most of your movies do move at the pace of a turtle recovering from a stroke, but dammit man, you screwed up a freaking ACTION movie.

What more do you possibly need to make a good movie?

  • Established Franchise? Check
  • Fanboys Galore? Check
  • Crazy action possibility?  Check

You, my friend, could mess up a wet dream.

And what is up with all the white people in this flick?  Even the little kid is played by a chrome domed caucasoid.

Wu Tang Meet Justin Beiber

Listen, I have no problem with you taking liberties with your casting, but c’mon man!  The kid in the cartoon is asian, for christ’s sake!  You are the type of guy who would have cast Bruce Lee as Shaft back in the 1970s or have tried to shoot “The Lord of the Rings” in Harlem.


Do the world a favor…STOP MAKING MOVIES

And if the mood does ever strike you to try to torture the world with another one of your “masterpieces”, please do as this guy does:

  1. Lol…funny. Actually I think all the characters in the series are Asians. Well, Indians are Asians….LMFAO.

    I can’t wait to watch this to see how it seriously blows. I’ve not heard a single good thing about it…

  2. “Wu Tang Meet Justin Beiber”
    … LMAO!!!

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