Enough is Enough, Lebron

In Sports on July 7, 2010 at 10:04 am

July 8th is just around the corner and I cannot wait!  Is it because I think that my hometown Bulls have a realistic chance of landing the most prestigious free agent of all time, Lebron James?


I cannot wait until July 8th because he will, finally, announce that he is resigning with the Cleveland Cavaliers, citing such cliches as ” I had to see what was out there”, “I want to win here”, and of course, “I had to go with my heart”.

Bull@#$%- Cleveland has 30 million more reasons why he will stay. Period.

The entire sports world has been abuzz with this Lebron mania ever since his sorry a$# team got bounced from the playoffs by an elderly, over achieving Boston Celtics squad.  It was almost like, overnight, he was transformed into the black Brett Favre.  ESPN has nightly updates on Lebron’s whereabouts , what he had for breakfast (his alphabits cereal allegedly spelled out “bulls” this morning, according to one source), and whom he wants to bring with him wherever he goes(DWade, Bosh, Captain Kangaroo).

Enough with this crap already!

Look, Lebron James is “nice”.  He’s just not Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant “nice”.  Not Magic Johnson or Larry Bird “nice”.  What he is, to be honest, is the modern day equivalent of Dominique Wilkins. 

Don’t believe me?  Watch ‘Nique on YouTube

Tremendous athlete.  Fierce dunker.  One of the best individual talents to play the game.  No one can deny this. However physically gifted he might be, however, he may have already peaked with the Cavaliers. Sadly, in the end, we may as well call him Golum, because at the end of the day neither will end up with a ring.


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