This Just In – Mel Gibson is a Racist

In current events on July 13, 2010 at 6:46 am

Lookout world! Two wars in the mideast, BP destroying the Gulf of Mexico, America in the midst of its worst economic period since the depression, and the Associated Press give us this:

I know it’s sensational, but come on man! Proving Mel Gibson to be a racist is like telling the world that Stevie Wonder failed his driving test. Calling Gibson a bigot is like saying this guy burns easily. I wonder how Danny Glover feels now…

How does a guy who looks like this:

Hello Ladies...

End up with a woman like this?

Mel hates the Jews…Mel hates the blacks…Whoopi Goldberg beware!!!
Come to think of it, Mel Gibson sounds like a perfect candidate for the Tea Party presidential nomination in 2012…
What the Mel? in 2012


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