iPhone4 – Hands Off!!!

In pop culture on July 17, 2010 at 6:47 am

Recent history has taught us that “buying American” can be a risky proposition.

Let’s look at the 1970’s. Who can forget the infamous 1971 Ford Pinto?

This car was small, got great mpgs, and was supposed to be Ford’s answer to all of the Japanese small car craze that was sweeping America during the fuel crisis of the 1970’s. It could have succeeded, too, if only they could have addressed the car’s nagging tendency to BLOW THE F$#% UP if rear ended.

Explosive “Big3” Fail.

Enter the 1980’s and Coke2. Truly the answer to a question no one was asking, Coke 2 received so much critical backlash that original formula Coca Cola was back on the shelves just 3 months later. Call it a carbonated “bbuuuuuuuuuuuurp” fail

The 1990’s delivered one of the toughest failure to swallow by an American giant. McDonald’s, known worldwide for it’s Happy Meals and Big Macs, decided that the time was right to launch a line of “premium” sandwiches and dropped a $300 million dud known as the Arch Deluxe

Extra vomit, please !

I think the “Single Handedly Keeping BK in Business” FAIL is appropriate here

The early 2000’s brought all kind of monumental, destructive failure. Banking, Mortgages, US Auto makers going belly up. No need to beat a dead horse.

Big A$$ “Dubya” Fail

Enter 2010. New decade. New Products. New Opportunity. American technological ingenuity is best represented by Apple, maker of all things “I”. iPod, iPhone, iPad…truly a tech giant.

At the center of it all, with the whole world watching, Apple released the new iPhone4, the pinacle of smart phones. Except for 1 small thing…YOU CANNOT TALK ON IT IF YOU HOLD IT!!! God bless the USA!

Thanks, Steve Jobs! You’ve made HTC’s and Android’s day!


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