Sesame Street “Rosita” Missing since July 1st

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Repo’s Delight has breaking news about the ongoing  investigation into the unsolved disappearance of  bilingual Sesame Street muppet Rosita.  Missing since July 1st, Rosita seems to have vanished into thin air.   Sesame Street residents are abuzz as their quite neighborhood has not experienced this level scandal since Mr. Hooper and Gordon were found playing “sword fight” without pants on back in 1979.

“Gosh, I sure hope she comes home soon” ,said a saddened Big Bird, “I can’t watch Sabado Gigante without her translation”

“Heeey Bird”, chimed in Snuffaluffugus,”I really miss her chimichangas.  Aye caramba”

We are saddened to report that a suspect has been named in Rosita’s disappearance…none other than her estranged boyfriend, Elmo!  Sesame Street PD are currently questioning the easy-going muppet, who reportedly is in a state of shock and constantly repeating “oh boy oh boy…that tickles” .

Elmo’s reps could not be reached for comment.

If Elmo does have anything to do with Rosita’s disappearance, it would mark an unfathomable end to a whirlwind relationship that came to a head in January 2009 when both Elmo and Rosita professed their love to the world.

From there, the couple quickly moved in together and became the “it” couple on Sesame Street.  Paparazzi dogged their every step as the relationship progressed

*courtesy of TMZ

Recently, whispers of Elmo’s irrational, lewd, and scandalous behavior have leaked from the back streets of Sesame .  Photos released directly to Repo’s Delight show a different Elmo from the muppet children have come love.  Pictures show Elmo in questionable, provocative positions with a number of different individuals

"Elmo loves balls...who's first?"

"Are those pants made of glass? 'Cuz I can see myself in 'em"

"oh boy oh boy!"

It has also been rumored that Elmo and longtime pal Mel Gibson were seen out on a cocaine binge the night Mel made this ill-conceived call to his ex girlfriend, Oksana

Though the couple officially parted ways June 15th,  Repo’s Delight has recently unearthed a letter from Elmo hand delivered to Rosita none other than longtime confidant Chris Brown.  Thought to be an attempt at reconciliation, this exclusive image reveals a darker side to Elmo:

Please contact your local police or FBI if you have any information regarding the disappearance of Rosita of Sesame Street.  A $10.50 reward has been posted for anyone providing information which leads to a conviction  in this case.


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