End of an Era ; Legendary Chicago Mayor will not Run Again

In current events on September 7, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Legendary Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley announced today that he will not run for a seventh term, ending an era of 21 years as the political head of the “machine”. The news came as a shock to many Chicagoans, many of whom cannot remember a time when a Daley has not held the office.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, “Daley made the announcement during a City Hall news conference — deceptively billed as a “major cabinet appointment” — that lasted all of four-and-a-half minutes.”

“Daley took no questions and choked up twice: when he referred to his son, Kevin, who died of spina bifida at the age of 2, and when he thanked his family for their “love and support . . . without it, I could not have done this.” He was clearly a man at peace with his decision.”

While most of Chicago was blind sided by Daley’s decision, there are no shortage of candidates throwing their hats into the ring. According to Daley, “Everybody would love to be mayor of Chicago. If you look at what we have done over many, many years and where we are today and the commitment by the business community, the commitment by the not-for-profit community — all this coming together — this is a wonderful city.’’ Some of the early mayoral candidates include:

Rahm Emanuel

Leadership at work!

Springfield's Mayor Quimby

Jesse Jackson Jr

Mayor McCheese, bitches!

We here at Repo’s Delight bid Mayor Daley a fond farewell. His Teflon demeanor weathered many an attack with nary a scratch. Love him or hate him, you had to respect him, and Chicago politics will lose some of its luster without the little Big man.

  1. WHA-WHA-WHAT?!!! NO MORE DICK DAILY?! How will Chicago ever survive?

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