Nugget’s Anthony to the Bulls?

In Sports on September 9, 2010 at 6:23 pm

The Chicago Bulls may get their superstar after all. A league source has told ESPN.com that the Bulls are in talks to acquire Denver Nugget’s small forward Carmello Anthony in a trade that could include both Luol Deng and Joakim Noah.

Although losing Noah hurts the Bulls up front, the chance to acquire the gifted Anthony and rid yourself of the underachieving Deng leaves the Repoman feeling quite lovely. I’ve got 3 words for ya…

piss on Miami!

Adding Carmello instantly makes the Bulls a top 5 NBA squad and serious championship contender. Just consider their starting 5:

Derrick Rose – PG – budding superstar and matchup nightmare
Ronnie Brewer – SG – lockdown defender, slasher, freakish athlete
Carmello Anthony – SF – Superstar, 30 pts. per night (?), unstoppable
Carlos Boozer – PF – all star, 20-10 every night, silent assassin
Some Tall Guy – C – preferably over 7′ to rebound and get out of way

(what’s Luc Longley up to these days?)

This is a frighteningly talented team that will give the Heat and Lakers all they can handle and create the kind of buzz that gives David Stern wet dreams ; a third super team in the NBA, and a the makings of a truly compelling, wide open NBA season.

  1. What number does “some tall guy” wear?

    • I move for “some tall guy” to suit up wearing .08…that way he will serve as a reminder to all the drunk celebrating Bulls fans of what the legal limit is in Illinois. Champagne is quite intoxicating, my friend

  2. it would be a great team but i wouldnt say “piss on miami” just yet sure carmelo is a superstar but dwade and lebron are also superstars. Miami has a couple tall guys down the middle they are a little weak bench-wise and at the starting pg position but with dwade bosh and lebron i wouldn’t worry too much and oh yeah..Kobe can’t wait for the challenge haha…

    • I’ll admit I’m biased, but they way the whole free agency situation played out this season really made me dislike the Heat. These guys have won exactly zero games together, and their combined salaries ensures that the bench will be thinner then Bruce Willis’s hair.

      Still, if this trade goes through, i cannot wait for the NBA season! Thanks for the comment!

  3. This seems to be one of the hottest news in NBA today. Melo’s decision in settling and choosing the Bulls. Another dominating trio has been formed with Melo,Boozer and Rose. Another reason why I can’t wait and see what happens next season.

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