Who Gives a Crap – September 10th Edition

In current events, pop culture on September 10, 2010 at 6:35 pm

Sometimes I truly marvel at the things that constitute “news” these days.

An unknown redneck pastor named Terry Jones is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame by proposing to carry out his threat to burn 200 copies of the holy Quran to teach the “radical” Muslims a lesson on September 11th.

When presented with the very real possibility that his actions could cost the lives of American soldiers serving abroad, Jones said he “understood” those concerns but would press ahead anyway.

“Instead of us backing down, maybe it’s time to stand up. Maybe it’s time to send a message to radical Islam that we will not tolerate their behaviour,” he told Associated Press.

“If we don’t do it, when do we stop backing down?” he told ABC television. “It’s something we need to do, it’s a message we need to send.”

What a f$@#ing patriot!

Lookee here, Terry. Do you want to really teach radical Muslims a lesson? You could start by not purchasing 200 copies of their Bible, dipshit!

Professional boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather was arrested today on charges of grand larceny stemming from a domestic violence altercation with his ex-girlfriend. It had something to do with a cell phone and blah, blah, blah…

Look, there’s no way Floyd Mayweather hit his ex. Everyone knows he wouldn’t hit his ex girlfriend until he would be able to first talk about hitting her, then back out unless she was willing to take a piss test, then tease that he might hit her, then go and fight one of his lesser exes, while all the time telling anyone who would listen that he would easily beat her down. Then, when his ex moves on, he would release a video talking about how great he is, threaten to beat her again, then issue an apology because he was “just having some fun”.

I’m just saying…


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