NFL Pick ‘Em Week 2

In Sports on September 19, 2010 at 12:06 am

The NFL season is well under way and Repo has decided to use his dastardly skills of prognostication to, well, prognosticate. Winners in bold.

Steelers @ Titans – Tennessee comes down to earth in what should be a close one

Dolphins @ Vikings AP should be more than the ‘fins can handle in this matchup

Cardinals @ FalconsDerek Anderson may complete more TD passes to the Falcon’s secondary than to his wideouts

Ravens @ Bengals**Upset of the week** Bengals owned these guys last year, and this home opener will be no different

Chiefs @ Browns – KC should improve to 2-0 here…Browns are reeeeeallyy bad

Bears @ Cowboys – Bears surprising pass rush should make Romo’s night a living nightmare

Eagles @ Lions – Vick will run it down the toothless Lions throat in this one

Bills @ Packersis Buffalo still in the NFL?

Seahawks @ BroncosOrton to Royal combo looks promising… Seahawks peaked too soon?

Rams @ RaidersSome people think Sam Bradford is a decent NFL QB. I am not one of them

Texans @ Redskins“Jekyll and Hyde” Texans yet to prove that they can maintain excellence. This one could go either way

Patriots @ Jets – Scoring an offensive touchdown is more of a suggestion than a possibility for “Dirty” Sanchez this week

Jags @ ChargersPhillip Rivers should have a field day against a less than stellar Jag’s secondary

Giants @ Coltsthe team with the right Manning wins this one by 10+ points

    Monday Night Football

Saints @ 49ers – Can’t wait to watch Mike Singletary’s post game interview after this one


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