Donald Trump for President?

In current events on October 5, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Could Donald Trump and his billionaire hair piece be considering a run for the white house in 2012?

According to the Jerusalem Post “The real estate magnate denied sending a poll to New Hampshire residents about a possible run for the Republican nomination, but in a Monday interview with Time magazine, he sounded like a candidate.

The survey asked New Hampshire residents 30 questions about Trump, his past donations to Democrats, and his reality TV show, and whether they would hurt or help him in a possible political campaign.”

“I’ve never had any interest [in running for office] before,” Trump explained. “If I ever did, this would be the time…because we’ve never had a country that’s sunk and that’s gone to levels as low as it is right now. We’re getting that inferiority complex, which we’ve never had.”

According to the Washington Independent, “It’s still unclear who’s behind the survey, and Trump has yet to be reached for comment. But with the 2012 field so wide open, it’s not a stretch to think that, by throwing around enough money, the man could seriously shake things up.”

Donald Trump for President in 2012? This news has caught everyone by surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t have. In addition to his “Apprentice” television series (surely showcasing The Donald’s presidential stature), Mr. Trump has proven his savvy most recently by participating in…professional wrestling???

This upcoming election is going to be one hell of a circus!


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