Who Gives a Crap?

In current events, pop culture, Uncategorized on October 27, 2010 at 6:52 pm

Ah…ain’t life grand? Somewhere, it is guaranteed that the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and stupid sh%# is making headlines. Here are some of the recent stories that left us shaking our head…

Rescued Chilean miners reunite…to play soccer with their President???msnbc.com Are those son-of-a-bit$%#s out of that damn hole already? Great. Now get them off my fuc%&ing tv! I didn’t give a crap about them before this, and they sure don’t give a crap about me now. Let’s move on…

Miami Heat lose opening night to the Boston Celticsespn.com Stop the presses! Hide your valuables! The Miami Heat, gasp, lost their season opener! Someone, call in the Tea Party to fix this mess! C’mon people, there are 82 freaking regular season games and no one expected them to go undefeated. Get Over it

MLB World Series Game 1 Tonightthebiglead.com This weekend marks NFL week 8…WEEK 8! The NBA season is kicking off this week as well. What in the world is major league baseball doing starting the world series so late? It’s bad enough that you have two teams whose mere existence echoes my “Who Gives a Crap?” mantra, but now you are competing against two of the largest sports in the world? And the award for Dumbasses of the year, 2010, goes to Major League Baseball! Yay…I pee’d in the pool…yay

Unless Tim Lincecum is tackling Cliff Lee for a 5 yard loss, I’m going to pass on this one.
And now, a video of the Super Hot Jesikah Maximus (just because)


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