Derrick Rose Cannot Be Stopped

In Sports on November 17, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Tread lightly, NBA point guard, because your day of reckoning has come. There is no place left to hide. Sure, you’ve had the glory days running a team with blazing ‘Rondo‘ speed.

He’s Faster

You’ve led a team by setting up your teammates, fast breaking your way to glory, Steve Nash “MVP” style.

He’s nicer

Your Iverson crossover, Utep 2Step, handles have left even the greats shaken…

His is better

Meet Derrick Rose, 6’3″, 200 lb pg eating, fire-breathing, ankle breaking, rim shaking Chi Town point GOD. And he’s out to bust your ass

You’ve been warned

“One, two…Derrick’s coming for you…three four”

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  2. […] Leave a comment Derrick Rose is a BEAST. We love to say we told you so, because, well we did (see here). In case you had any doubts, watch this highlight, and then say hello to the best PG in the […]

  3. […] Rose is legit. Bigger. Stronger. Faster. NASTIER. And he’s only 22. We warned the NBA point guards at the start of the season that he was coming for them. Just call me Nostra-fu%&ing-damus! He […]

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