Cesar Chavez is rolling over in his grave

In pop culture, Sports on November 26, 2010 at 2:04 pm

The RepoMan loves his ‘rasslin’, and I have to admit the recent developments of the John Cena character have cracked me up a bit. In case you aren’t aware, John Cena has been “fired” by the Wade Barret of the Nexus, and is no longer a WWE superstar. He even gave a Lou Gehrig style “luckiest man in the world” farewell speech on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw:

This is obviously a work as John Cena is THE WWE cash cow, but in keeping with the storyline, Cena is history. However, according to WrestlingInc, the WWE is going work around this by having Cena’s Mexican cousin, Juan Cena, come in and take on those individuals who got him fired. In keeping with Mexican tradition, Juan will, of course, be wearing a Luchadore mask and will quickly become involved in high-profile matches with the top WWE heels.

This should be hilarious! Viva Juan Cena!

Viva Juan Cena!


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