Derek Jeter wants 6yrs/$150 million Contract?

In current events, Sports on November 26, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Look, I make no apologies for not being the biggest Derek Jeter fan. To me, Jeter has always been a good, not great, player who has benefited from being surrounded by the best talent money can buy. He has produced in big spots, and MLB has cashed in by showcasing him and his movie star good looks every chance they get. And that’s ok, because it has worked for both parties. MLB gets their poster boy for the famous New York Yankees, Jeter gets some of the perks of being “the man”, like winning multiple gold gloves at shortstop while being an average fielder there. Pad the resume and hall of fame, here we come!

It’s also no secret that Derek Jeter is also a 36-year-old veteran coming to the end of the line on his career. He is also a free agent, and his team has just proposed the most outlandish contract request in recent history. It is so ridiculous that Team Moneybags -aka- the New York Yankees are flat-out not even entertaining it!

According to CBSSports, “And yet here we are, not surprisingly, with everybody’s laundry hanging out on the public clothesline. The Yankees, we learned earlier in the week, have offered Jeter three years at $45 million. And now, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reports that it’s thought Jeter’s starting point is six years at $150 million — and that he’s unwilling to budge from the annual value of $25 million.

The Yankees have taken a hard-line, saying this is a baseball contract, not a golden parachute, and Jeter is a 36-year-old infielder coming off his worst season. Add the $45 million, which is significantly over market in a strict baseball sense, to the $200 million the Yankees have already paid Jeter, and he’ll have earned more money than anyone in baseball history not named Alex Rodriguez.

Close, however, is seeking a lifetime achievement award that recognizes Jeter’s iconic status and the hidden value of having Captain Clutch in pinstripes. In what I’m sure just is a coincidence, the average annual value of the seven remaining years of Alex Rodriguez’s contract is $24.9 million, but as Madden points out, the circumstances of A-Rod’s contract were much different from Jeter’s situation. Rodriguez was coming off a monster year as the Yankees’ cleanup hitter, was 32 and appeared certain to be on his way to becoming the all-time home run leader (and word of his steroid use had not yet come out).”

Derek Jeter, $150 million dollar man?

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