Biggest Fantasy Football Duds 2010 edition

In pop culture, Sports on December 10, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Ah what a year! After running two under-achieving fantasy squads this year, the Repoman knows firsthand the pain associated with watching your number 1 WR or stud RB perform like a ballerina in pads. What about the #1 QB knocked out for the season early? Trust me, your pain is my pain.

After reading this piece written TheMikePhillips, the RepoMan felt inspired to present his first annual Fantasy “You Drafted Joe Flacco 5th Overall?” Fail Awards. Without further ado, let the relive the agony in all its infamy…


Donovan McNabb ~ Washington: How bad has McNabb been this year? He was actually benched at the end of a close game for Rex (gasp)Grossman! 12TD vs 15 INT, and a legion of peeved owners who thought they were getting a steal drafting this bum in the mid to late rounds. Even his momma took his Chunky Soup back

Kevin Kolb ~ Philadelphia: the “chosen one” struggled early on after being anointed the starter. Injured early on, quickly lost his job to Mike Vick. A mid-season injury to Vick gave Kolb the chance to win his job back, but pedestrian numbers quickly resulted in Vick as the starter. Kolb’s game is so boring that most people who drafted him as a sleeper now deny ever having heard of him.

Brett Favre ~ Minnesota: Favre has never been right this year. Blame it on Brad Childress and their power struggle, or Jenn Sterger and the infamous “pee-pee gate”, but 10 TDs and 18 INTs are hardly overwhelming numbers. May want to lay of the Viagra, never send a text pic again, zip up his Wranglers and ride off into the sunset. He’s done,

Running Backs

Ronnie Brown ~ Miami: 3 TDs, ZERO 100 yard games in 2010. I think Ronnie may be channeling another famous Brown on the gridiron…

Reggie Bush ~ New Orleans: Bush is the only backup RB in the league that is drafted 100% of the time based on his potential to put up #1 RB stats, especially in PPR leagues. O TDs in 2010. Rumor has it that President Obama redid his health care plan to make sure that Bush would have coverage because the Saints won’t cover him. Premiums are too high. Looks like Kim Khardashian jumped ship at the right time.

Shonn Greene ~ NY Jets: 1TD, 3 fumbles, 600 yards…not exactly the stats owners were expecting when they took this player in the early/mid rounds. The man expected to turn LT from Hall-of-Famer to 3rd down back, Greene has been arguably the biggest let down at the RB position of 2010.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall~Miami Dolphins : With only 1 TD in 2010 and only two 100 yard games this year, it’s fitting that he plays in south Florida because his game has definitely been MIA.

Steve Smith ~ Carolina: 498 yards, 2TDs, 2 Fumbles. Not exactly #1 WR numbers. With the QB woes in Carolina continuing, this is definitely the “wrong” Steve Smith to have on your roster.

Michael Crabtree ~ San Francisco: Stats are just ok (41 catches, 554 Yds, 5 TDs) but “CrapTree” was the flavor of draft day, with many people picking him in the 1st 3 rounds. Has a ton of upside, but you got very little if you reached for this guy in keeper leagues this season

We won’t cover TE(since most leagues replace with ‘flex’ player anyway), K(since no one cares) and DST (because this is always a crap shoot). i’m sure you could compile a list with players I didn’t even consider, but this is a good starting point.

To those whose season’s are still going strong, congrats. Regardless of what everyone in your league says, You’ve earned it. For the rest of us, welcome back to the real world. You can now go back to watching football for pleasure again.


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