What Do You Do When Your Money is Not Enough?

In Sports on December 16, 2010 at 6:57 pm

It’s been said by many over the years that “Money can’t buy happiness”. We’ve all heard it. I’ve always been convinced, however, that this phrase must have originated with two broke a$%&oles trying to console each other over their misfortune. How else can you explain how the mighty New York Yankees have managed to win multiple championships since the mid-1990’s with arguably the worst minor league system in the game?

Their solution? Throw money at the problem! Sign the best available players, win championships, trade away anything close to a prospect for additional pieces, win championships, rinse and repeat. This formula has worked, as our friends at TurdFergusonBlog so graciously remind me, to the tune of 6 world championships in my lifetime. Love them or hate them, money has brought them happiness.

And yet, something strange is stirring within baseball free agency that has left the once mighty Yankee machine dumbfounded. It appears that you simply cannot pay this free-agent class enough to consider playing for the Yankees.

Needing an infusion of talent and speed at the top of the lineup and in the outfield, New York quickly targeted Tampa Bay free agent LF Carl Crawford. Crawford in turn said “Thanks, but no thanks” and signed with the Yankees hated rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The same Red Sox, who earlier in the month traded for San Diego stud 1B Adrian Gonzalez. Coupled with the Crawford signing, Boston now features arguably the scariest middle of the order in baseball. Strike One.

After losing out on Crawford, the Yankees, figuring they had enough bats to get by, turned their attention to Free agent ace SP Cliff Lee. Salivating at the thought of reuniting Lee with former teammate C.C. Sabathia, NY offered Lee a whopping $158 million over 7 years. Unfortunately for them, a classy Yankee fan ever so graciously spit on Lee’s wife during a playoff game this past season. Not ideal for negotiations. Lee quickly signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for almost $30 million dollars LESS, joining arguably the best starting rotation in the last 30 years. Swing and a miss…strike Two!

And today, according to Inevitable Exaggeration, “former Cubs ace starter and closer Kerry Wood has rejoined the team. The deal, believed to be for 1 year at $1.5 million, has surprised even the most die hard of Cubs fans.” The Wood signing is for less than what the Yankees offered, and effectively weakens an already questionable bullpen

Strike 3????


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