Coming soon…a Facebook phone?

In tech on January 13, 2011 at 5:51 pm

According to Pocketnow.com “A handset known as the INQ Cloud Touch has just received Bluetooth certification, and based on the design description, we believe that it is the first of two “Facebook” phones rumored to be in development, as previously reported by both TechCrunch and Bloomberg. Specifically, Bloomberg reported last September that Facebook and London-based INQ were working on a top-secret project whose first two deliverables would be a QWERTY-equipped and full-touchscreen smart phone. Well, here’s the INQ Cloud Touch: ”

I guess the real question is, does the world even need this? Every smart phone currently available in this country can either access Facebook via mobile internet, app, or via SMS. What is going to make this handset the “must have” in an already crowded smart phone market? Does the Facebook brand alone make this a winner? I guess we will find out this year…


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