Derrick Rose Cannot Be Stopped pt.3

In Sports on February 3, 2011 at 10:27 am

Welcome to the rebirth of Chicago hoops, post Jordan. Consider yourself warned…

Derrick Rose is legit. Bigger. Stronger. Faster. NASTIER. And he’s only 22. We warned the NBA point guards at the start of the season that he was coming for them. Just call me Nostra-fu%&ing-damus! He came, he saw conquered to the tune of 24.6 ppg. 8.2 ast, 5 reb, and 1 steal (as of 2/3/2011). He also is the starting point guard in this years NBA All Star Game. It has begun…

Hell, you know he’s a bad boy when the NBA puts out a video with his victims praising his cross-over dribble and smiling, almost reminiscing, about how he busted their a$$es:

The Michael Jordan years inspired some of the best NBA stars of this generation. Kobe Bryant does his best Jordan impersonations nightly both on the court and during interviews. Chicago’s own Dwayne Wade dominates the league, and with his flair for the dramatic, reminds everyone where he learned it. But Rose, he is something different. Derrick Rose is captivating the city, slowly, quietly putting the Jordan years to rest. Kids watch the way he moves. The sick crossover. The explosive reverse layups. The monster dunks. And the most frightening of all? They are mimicking his demeanor. The man is a silent assasin and the streets are watching. The rebirth of Chicago Hoops is being led by D Rose. It cannot be stopped. Ask Andre Miller…

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