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Bringing you the best in sports, politics, current events, and, of course, the ladies. The goal is to give my readers a little bit of everything while encouraging real discussion. Or just a good old fashioned argument. Its all the same. It has been mentioned that I talk a lot of s@%*, so I figure I might as well write it all down for future generations to learn from.

Looking to link up?  Have suggestions for this blog?  Shoot us an email at reposdelight@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter – @reposdelight

  1. Hilarious, dude. Truly a marvel.

  2. Hey,
    I know you just started up this site but I have some advice for you:
    1) Change the blogroll so it does not have any wordpress links. Change it to sites that are relevant to yours so your viewers can link to it.
    2) Make a contact page and an email for this website. This way users can get a hold of you for suggestions, etc.
    3) Link dumps, the best way for others to find out about this is to link to them so they get some traffic from them. Over time they may link to you.


    • Thanks for the advice Kevin. I am going to start up hosting my domain in August and will implement those changes going forward. I welcome any advice you might share going forward…your website brings crazy traffic!

      Much appreciated!

    • Oh and make sure you have the contact/about page in a place where people can click it.

      • I added it the contact page in the “roll call” section, which displays the link in that menu and also at the top of the page. I am looking to get this thing really moving about mid-august and appreciate your feedback.


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