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NFL Pick ‘Em Week 10

In current events, Games, Sports on November 11, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Week 10 of the NFL season is upon us, and the Repo Man has been hard at work trying to salvage two of his fantasy teams. Due to this, the picks have been on hiatus. However, with Phillip “My Entire Team” Rivers on a bye this week, fantasy football is officially a lost cause so we can get back to throwing our picks out there to see what sticks.

Here are Repos Delight’s pick for NFL week 10. Winners in bold

Thu, Nov 11

Sun, Nov 14

    CAR @ TB
    MIN @ CHI
    HOU @ JAC
    TEN @ MIA
    NYJ @ CLE
    CIN @ IND
    KC @ DEN
    STL @ SF
    DAL @ NYG
    SEA @ ARI
    NE @ PIT

    Mon, Nov 15
    PHI @ WAS

    Byes: Packers, Saints, Raiders, Chargers


NFL Pick ‘Em Week 6

In Sports on October 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Last week was rough, with upsets left and right. The Repoman finished with an undistinguished 8-6 record and my thoughts of a magical run as “Repo the Greek” came crashing down. Definitely nothing worth bragging about but the track record indicates that there is hope on the horizon:

Week 2: 13-3
Week 3: 12-4
Week 4: 10-5
Week 5: 8-6*

Here are this week’s picks (winners in BOLD):

Seattle at Chicago – Bears defense is tough; ‘Hawks offense is tough to watch

Miami at Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers may play, but the likelihood that he gets knocked out again gives the slight edge to Miami.

San Diego at St. Louis – Rams play tough but Rivers is just too good

Baltimore at New England – Ravens “D” is hurting and old. Brady/Branch reunion tour starts with win here

New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Champs winning ugly…but, still, they are winning

Detroit at NY Giants – pity Matthew Stafford if they throw him in this game. G Men are ferocious with the pass rush

Atlanta at Philadelphia – battle of the birds goes to Atlanta. Turner should have a big week here

Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Cleveland sucks.

Kansas City at Houston – KC offense reminds some of a pop warner all star game. Texans are skilled and tough up front.

Oakland at San Francisco – Mike Singletary lives to coach another day in one of this week’s least attractive matchups

NY Jets at Denver – **upset of the week** – Jets are imposing but Kyle Orton has been absolutely bananas! Broncos should surprise here

Dallas at Minnesota – someone has to win, right? Look for Moss/Favre to have a big day and the Vikes to win handily.

Indianapolis at Washington – ‘Skins have definitely surprised this year but they are facing a rare animal Sunday. A desperate Peyton Manning…Colts win

Tennessee at Jacksonville – let’s just call this the “blackout bowl” because no one wants to see it. Jags at home

·Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, Carolina

* You know its a screwy week 5 when Turdfergusonblog only got one pick wrong! I thought they had a chimp making the picks over there!

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 5

In Sports on October 5, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Jacksonville at Buffalo – Coming off a win over the “mighty” Colts, Jaguars should make short work of the winless Bills

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati – Although they did just lose to the worst team in the NFL, I still like the “Bungles” at home over the Bucs

Atlanta at Cleveland – Browns winning streak over at one

St. Louis at Detroit – call it the “Someone’s Got to Win” Bowl if you must, but I like Lions at home

Kansas City at Indianapolis – and the last undefeated team falls here

Green Bay at Washington – Packers should have enough to hold off the “Jekyll and Hyde” Redskins

Chicago at Carolina – if Cutler plays, Bears win. If not, watch something else because this one will be too ugly for TV

Denver at Baltimore – I like the Ravens at home, although Broncos could surprise

NY Giants at Houston – Giants rediscovered their pass rush against Chicago this past week. Schaub better get rid of the ball quick or his will be a short night.

New Orleans at Arizona – Even though they are misfiring right now, the champs have enough to hold off the redbirds.

San Diego at Oakland – this one could be closer than everyone thinks, but Rivers will be too much for the Raiders this week

Tennessee at Dallas – coming off a win and a bye, the Cowboys should be healthy and ready to rumble. ‘Boys should win this one by 10+

Philadelphia at San Francisco – toss up…San Fran has been a disappointment thus far but Kolb has yet to prove that he’s a winner

Minnesota at NY Jets **Upset of the Week** – Brett and the boys are coming off a bye week. The rest does them well as they win a close one in the new Meadowlands stadium

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 4

In Sports on September 30, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Butter me up ‘cuz I’m on a roll, baby! Picking these NFL games is working out so well that pretty soon you guys are gonna have to start calling me Repo “the Greek”.

The numbers speak for themselves since I started prognosticating with week 2. Check it out:

Week 2: 13-3
Week 3: 12-4

Here are this weeks picks (winners in BOLD)

San Francisco at Atlanta – the 49ers are quickly becoming a train wreck. bird gang is just too balanced in this one.

Cincinnati at Cleveland – c’mon man, it’s the f@#$ing Browns again? Weren’t they on bye last week?

NY Jets at Buffalo – Sanchez to Keller for the score!

Seattle at St. Louis – this one could be close, IMO. Rams are playing tougher these days.

Denver at Tennessee – Broncos “D” isn’t what it was last year

Detroit at Green Bay – Pity Detroit…GB will be out for blood

Baltimore at Pittsburgh – toss up here

Carolina at New Orleans – even with Brees at less than 100%, Carolina is just plain bad

Indianapolis at Jacksonville – Peyton 3tds at least

Houston at Oakland – Texans should win easily

Washington at Philadelphia – I think McNabb comes out with a purpose and sticks it to his old team

Arizona at San Diego – fool me once, Phillip Rivers…

Chicago at NY Giants **UPSET OF THE WEEK** G’Men are due. This is a classic trap game for the Bears as Eli has a ton of weapons


New England at Miami – ‘fins at home, but I’m not too high on this pick

NFL Pick ‘Em Week 2

In Sports on September 19, 2010 at 12:06 am

The NFL season is well under way and Repo has decided to use his dastardly skills of prognostication to, well, prognosticate. Winners in bold.

Steelers @ Titans – Tennessee comes down to earth in what should be a close one

Dolphins @ Vikings AP should be more than the ‘fins can handle in this matchup

Cardinals @ FalconsDerek Anderson may complete more TD passes to the Falcon’s secondary than to his wideouts

Ravens @ Bengals**Upset of the week** Bengals owned these guys last year, and this home opener will be no different

Chiefs @ Browns – KC should improve to 2-0 here…Browns are reeeeeallyy bad

Bears @ Cowboys – Bears surprising pass rush should make Romo’s night a living nightmare

Eagles @ Lions – Vick will run it down the toothless Lions throat in this one

Bills @ Packersis Buffalo still in the NFL?

Seahawks @ BroncosOrton to Royal combo looks promising… Seahawks peaked too soon?

Rams @ RaidersSome people think Sam Bradford is a decent NFL QB. I am not one of them

Texans @ Redskins“Jekyll and Hyde” Texans yet to prove that they can maintain excellence. This one could go either way

Patriots @ Jets – Scoring an offensive touchdown is more of a suggestion than a possibility for “Dirty” Sanchez this week

Jags @ ChargersPhillip Rivers should have a field day against a less than stellar Jag’s secondary

Giants @ Coltsthe team with the right Manning wins this one by 10+ points

    Monday Night Football

Saints @ 49ers – Can’t wait to watch Mike Singletary’s post game interview after this one

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