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Mama mia! Mario Bro’s Turn 25

In current events, Games, pop culture on September 13, 2010 at 6:08 pm

The game that started it all, Nintendo’s Mario Bros, turns 25 today. Who can forget firing up the NES, blowing out the cartridge, and jumping right in to rescue Princess Peach on Saturday mornings?

According to TheAtlanticWire.com, “Nintendo’s beloved Super Mario has been around long enough for multiple generations of teens to bond with him in their own way. Whether it was during the now-“classic” ’90s platforming era of Super Mario World, or the character’s first foray into 3-D adventures in Mario 64, his pugilistic turn in the cult hit Super Smash Bros., or the party-favorite Mario Kart, the now ubiquitous character has made an indelible impact on countless gamers. And it’s fitting that as Mario’s 25th anniversary is trumpeted by Nintendo (complete with a gold-trimmed commemorative wreath), bloggers are looking back on their favorite moments with the iconic Italian plumber, each remembering a different “golden age” of the character.”

Mario is more than the mascot for Nintendo…he might be one of the most influential characters of the late 20th century. Don’t believe me??? Pop quiz… Can you tell me why Mario is famous? Ok, now, can anyone tell me why Stephen Hawking is famous? Anyone? EXACTLY

Happy Birthday Mario!

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