Look Up In Sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…the Race Card!

In Sports, Uncategorized on October 1, 2010 at 9:07 pm

via ESPN

Cue the violins! In the latest twist in this turbulent NBA off-season, Miami Heat star Lebron James and his manager both claimed that the backlash to James leaving Cleveland was in part due to racism.

This guy…this Lebron James fellow…are you kidding me? His reaction to this entire process is proof enough that high school kids should never be allowed to enter the NBA right out of school!

This cat is so full of himself that he hosts his own ESPN special to announce that he is leaving his hometown team, demoralizing the fan base in the process. He could care less about the kids who idolized him, the people who only came to see him, hoping for a chance to witness greatness. He had the chance to become Jordan of his era, a brand unto himself, a legend. And he threw it all away.

Dear Lebron,
I want to help you why people don’t like you. Here is the story in pictures. You need this…

Reason #1

You, my friend, are a douche. Tactless, flakey, and self absorbed, you basically flipped off your entire home state. Nice touch

Reason #2

You are the definition of a sellout, giving away your legacy for the chance at “multiple” rings with your new BFF’s. Everyone wanted you to stay, you are convinced everyone was wrong. Also see #1

Reason #3 (new)

You did it, buddy. Couldn’t keep your mouth shut and let your game do the talking. Nope. Instead, you pulled the ultimate cop-out and played the most tired card in the deck, the race card. Poor, poor multi-millionaire you, Lebron. Can we get you a box of tissues? it would be a waste since you probably blow your nose on spare $50 bills anyway. Couldn’t you have hired someone to write you a better excuse???

Reason# 4 (most importantly)

Yes, I know we have already mentioned this but I just want you to really understand how I feel. Running around South Beach in Skinny Jeans, Nerd glasses, and tight flannel shirts. A 6’9″, 250 pound “hipster” wannabe. You look like you are auditioning for new version of the Village People. Telling the whole world how great you are and what you are going to do to the league…shame, shame, shame. Last I checked, there is a team in L.A. with a certain Mr. Bryant and the last two rings on their fingers who really isn’t too concerned about your band. Please note the term “black” was not mentioned anywhere in this post.

I’m just saying.

Best of luck,

D. RepoMan


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